Event Date

941 Cold Springs Rd, Placerville, CA

WakamatsuFest150 is a celebration of 150 years of Japanese-American heritage, arts, and cuisine. The festival will feature Japanese and Japanese American food, art, music, performances, demonstrations, discussions, and more.  Booths will offer Asian and other foods, information, and merchandise. Docents will share stories about the first Japanese colonists who established their tea and silk farm on the property.  Each day will feature the world premiere live play, Gold Hill Samurai. Speakers will share knowledge and experience honoring the past, present, and future of Wakamatsu Farm and surrounding El Dorado County.  Local and international visitors, dignitaries, and tour groups will join this event.

Come attend WakamatsuFest150 from June 6-9, 2019!  GTI Founding Director Katharine P. Burnett, as well as GTI faculty member Joseph Sorensen will be giving talks on Japanese Tea Culture!  Learn more at Arc Conservancy or download the official WakamatsuFest150 press release and festival schedule below!