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The Global Tea Initiative for the Study of Tea Culture and Science

A Global, Intellectual and Cultural Exploration of Tea

Long a global leader in innovations at the nexus of food, health and the environment, UC Davis has launched the Global Tea Initiative to bring the university’s premier research in agriculture, health, science, humanities and social science to bear on the study of tea. 

This project is driven by the long history and cultural importance of tea beginning in Asia and spreading to almost every continent in the world; the dearth of tea-related scholarship in most disciplines; our campus’s wide-ranging expertise in the humanities and social sciences which we bring to bear on tea in Asia, Africa and the Americas; and our complementary campus strengths and research traditions in nutrition and agricultural sciences.

The Global Tea Initiative for the Study of Tea Culture and Science is a teaching, research and outreach effort meant to involve the whole campus, fostering and leading collaboration across the sciences, humanities and social sciences to explore ways tea influences everything from ceramics to gender roles to health practices all over the world. Read more.

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