Mark A. Matthews


Position Title
Professor and Plant Physiologist, Viticulture and Enology



Environmental and integrative biology

Selected Publications:

  • Sun, Q., T.R. Rost, and M.A. Matthews. 2006. Pruning-induced tylose development in stems of current-year shoots of Vitis vinifera. American Journal of Botany 93, 1567-1576
  • Thomas, T.R., K.A. Shackel, and M.A. Matthews. 2006 Direct in-situ measurement of cell turgor in grape (Vitis vinifera L.) berries during development and in response to plant water deficits. Plant, Cell & Environment 29, 993-1001
  • Thorne, E. T., J. F. Stevenson, T. L. Rost, J. M. Labavitch, and M. A. Matthews. 2006 Pierces Disease symptoms: Comparison with symptoms of water deficit and the impact of water deficits. American Journal of Enology and Viticulture 57, 1-11