Niten Niten, Ph.D.

niten niten

Position Title
Professor and Engineer, Food Science and Technology



Dr. Nitin is interested in using a combination of interdisciplinary approaches encompassing biomolecular engineering, mathematical modeling, material science and molecular imaging to study the following key research areas. The research interests of the laboratory can be broadly classified into two main categories: Food Engineering Research and Biological/Biomedical Engineering Research.

Selected Publications:

  • R. Tikekar, A. Johnson and N. Nitin, “Fluorescence imaging and spectroscopy for real-  time, in-situ characterization of interactions of free radicals with oil-in-water emulsions”, Food Research Intl, Nov., 2010.
  • R. Tikekar, A. Johnson, N. Nitin, “Real-time measurement of oxygen transport across an oil-water emulsion interface.” Journal of Food Engineering, Volume 103, Issue 1, March 2011.
  • R. Tikekar and N. Nitin, “Effect of physical state (solid vs. liquid) of lipid core on the rate of transport of oxygen and free radicals in solid lipid nanoparticles and emulsion.” Soft Matter, 7(8), 2011.