Robert B. Rucker


Position Title
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Department of Nutrition and School of Medicine


Research Interests:

Dr. Rucker's research focus is on the role of nutrients in early growth and development and the physiological roles of quinone cofactors derived from tyrosine, such as pyrroloquinoline quinone.

Selected Publications:

  • Jonscher K, Rucker RB. Chapter 15: Pyrroloquinoline quinone: Its profile and effects on the liver: implications for health and disease prevention, In: Dietary Interventions in Liver Disease (Eds. Watson R, Victor Preedy) 2019 in press, Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Rucker RB, Fascetti AJ, Larsen J. Vitamins, Selected Diet-derived Factors, and Minerals In: Loeb and Quimby’s Clinical Chemistry of Laboratory Animals, 3E (Eds: Kurtz D, Prescott J, and Travlos G) 2017, pp. 1007-1093, Taylor and Francis, New York, New York.
  • Rucker RB. Allometric Scaling: Theory and Applications. Functional Foods in Health and Disease 2017; 7; 303-313.