Curriculum development in Global Tea Culture and Science

GTI is developing a degree-granting curriculum for undergraduate and graduate students. While this is in process, UCD students are encouraged to work with their Major advisors and GTI faculty to develop independent study courses on areas fitting their tea-related interests.While the curriculum is being developed, students can create their own Major in tea studies. This option is available only to those who have accrued less than 120 units. For more information, please see https://www.ucdavis.edu/individual-majors.

First Year Seminar in Global Tea Culture and Science

The First Year Seminar in Global Tea Culture and Science (FYS) is a multidisciplinary exploration of tea taught by GTI members. Through readings, discussions,and tea tastings, this seminar introduces students to cultural and scientific aspects of tea, with such topics/fields as agritourism, art history, chemistry, history, and nutrition. Coinciding with GTI’s annual colloquia, this FYSis offered during winter quarters. Enrollment is targeted at UC Davis students in their first year on campus.(Offered annually in Winter Quarter,2 units of credit)

UC Davis GTI Professional Tea Program

Created at the request of the tea industry, the UC Davis GTI Professional Tea Program provides training across a wide spectrum of topics, from history and culture, to science, business, and health. It is aimed at industry members looking to deepen their foundational knowledge of tea. Instructors are comprised of select GTI faculty and collaborating tea professionals. It will launch to the public in 2022. For more information, please contact: James Brown, jimbrown@ucdavis.edu.